“My work with Tara has revolutionized my relationship with myself, powerfully shifting how I engage with the world. Her experience in both traditional and energetic healing methodologies provided depth and breadth to our sessions. Five stars.”

— Cecily Haubner

For me, sessions with Tara are like mining my inner landscape so as to reflect and inform my experience in the world. A wealth of valuable information and feedback is unearthed that I can then contemplate and act upon. Tara is a gifted, intuitive, and insightful healer who facilitates connection with one’s highest self, and I highly recommend her work.

— Tom Weston


After experiencing an Energy Renewal Healing session with Dr. Cuskley, I gained a whole new awareness of what drives my actions. Dr. Cuskley utilizes her medical and holistic background to co-create a plan that integrates all aspects of my life for the highest good. After the healing session, I have felt possibilities opening up for me. I am more clear minded and focused. Everyone should have a session and change their life for the better.

— Joanna Chan, RN, CPC, Founder of Nurse Your Life


I met Tara through synchronistic events within days from each other. I quickly realized that she is an easy person to talk to about many facets of spirituality and offers her views with humility. Skip ahead a couple of months later and I experienced her Energy Renewal session. She was extremely generous and patient in listening to my concerns and her guidance offered plenty of confirmation, especially regarding my work environment. She was able to help bring awareness to frustrating interactions with coworkers that I had felt. Once we brought awareness to the circumstance, she helped release that connection that had served its purpose. Tara is kind, gentle, graceful, and humble. What I value from Tara is her ability to remain open to all opinions and conversation.”

— S.G.


I highly recommend Dr. Cuskley’s energy healing. I’ve never experienced an acute inter-play between mind and body than my work with her. I can honestly say after my session, I think of everything differently. The connection that Dr. Cuskley showed me revealed a conspiracy my mind has against my body. By giving my body a voice to include in the dialogue of mind, body, and spirit, I’m more elevated as a individual, and grateful to tackle my secret traumas. This set me on the RIGHT path to healing. For those on the crossroads of healing, this is a great place to start to open your worldview with compassion and respect. Dr. Cuskley is the most pragmatic, down-to-earth, and honest person I’ve crossed regarding this growing, important healing space.”

— Nathan Novero


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